A powerful 3D CAD model viewer for mobile users

iCAD Professional enables users to view CAD and 3D models using advanced viewing tools and an intuitive user interface. Share your designs and ideas without having to hassle with a bulky laptop or requiring the use of a desktop computer. iCAD is ideal for engineers, designers, manufacturing, quality control, 3D animators, sales and management. The app comes in two flavors:


  • Solid clipping planes
  • Hiding parts
  • Standard orthographic views
  • Ability to change center of rotation
  • On screen drawing to markup model
  • Sharing models and screenshots via email
  • Opening supported files from email or dropbox
  • FTP server download of models
  • Measurements:
    • Plane to plane
    • Point to point
    • Radius
    • Angle
  • Customization of:
    • Background gradient colors
    • Measurement units
    • Diffuse and ambient lighting
    • Display of onscreen frame per second counter
  • Many popular 3D formats supported:
    • IPV (iCAD proprietary format)
    • OBJ (Wavefront)
    • IV (Inventor)
    • DAE (Collada)
    • STL (Stereolithography, binary and ascii)
    • 3DS (3D Studio binary)
    • ASC (3D Studio ASCII)
    • ZIP (All formats zipped)



Users have access to all included features, but don't have the ability to open their own files. Only the included sample files can be viewed.


Users have full access to all available features.